A sweet story about brotherly love

While we were sitting at our campground on Red Point, enjoying the evening, Leon happened to notice a boy, maybe 12, helping his younger brother ride his big bike.  The young boy couldn’t even reach the pedals, but he did have his helmet on and was trying to hold on to the handle bars.  They rode by in one direction and later on, came back towards their own campground.  Leon remarked what a good big brother the older one was.  I heard him saying: “Stop that, that’s disgusting!  If you don’t stop farting, I’ll have to put you down!!”  I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.  Later on, the older boy rode back again, leaving his little brother to find other pursuits.  I figured that’s how nicknames start.  And so went the story of Stinky.

We’ll, I guess you had to be there…

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