a wee dram at glenoraThe next morning I was anxious to move on to Pictou and the ferry across to Prince Edward Island.  We stopped at Glenora Distilleries and took a tour, trying their 10 yr old single malt whiskey.  Leon had a local beer and I settled on a nice glass of iced tea.  The property is gorgeous and the day was perfect for sitting in the garden, that is until the patio umbrella tried to attack us.  Well the wind came up suddenly and pulled the umbrella right out of its stand and sent it flying onto the next table, narrowly missing the occupants.  Luckily not a single drop of wine was spilled, nor a piece of cake crushed.  Everyone miraculously escaped and it made for a good occasion to chat with our neighbours, a nice couple from Massachusetts who owned property in the area.glenora

invernessinverness beachhand spinning InvernessWe drove further south (or is it west?) and stopped at the local market in Inverness, home of one of the best golf courses in the country.  The setting was lovely.  I don’t play golf, but I can imagine the sand dunes and surf would add to the enjoyment of the game.  The market was really very small but I did have a chat with an artisan, Eileen MacNeil, who did hand spinning and weaving.  Lovely work!  Perhaps one day when we stop travelling so much, I’ll take up weaving and watercolours.glenora still

The next stop was Pictou, where we decided to settle for the night.  Once again, we had a bit of trouble finding a campground, but luckily we got a great spot just a few km from the ferry terminal.  The evening was rainy with a tremendous thunderstorm coming up.  I did the laundry, we read and relaxed until our next adventure.  Pictou was the entry point for Scottish immigrants in the 18th century.  The town has a lovely port and marina, as well as a nice market where we purchased some NS wine (Ste Famille Rosé was my favourite) and some local mixed lettuces for the meal later.  It has the misfortune of having a paper mill across the water which sends smelly smoke over the whole area.  Tourism would be much improved by the removal of that smelly mill.