bona vista lighthouseWe continued our travels to Terra Nova Park, driving along the coast as much as possible.  We came along a dirt road that lead to a gorgeous beach and flat rocks similar to those at Peggy’s Cove, only with no lighthouse and no tourists.  We decided to stop for lunch and took a walk to the rocks.  The ground leading up to the shore was covered in thick moss and other succulents.  The rocks were beautiful.  Then I realized there were lots of blackflies, like in Labrador.  We walked back to our camper only to realize that blackflies like to hang on to polar fleece jackets!  We spent another few minutes killing the little devils in the windshield.  Too late, my face and ears were bitten.  More swelling…

We camped the night at Glovertown where we had a nice bbq steak and veggies.  As our campsite was at the end of a road, many people would walk by and say hello.  That’s how we met Eileen and Harold.  We invited them for a glass of wine and ended up chatting all evening.  We are hoping to see them again when we return from St. Pierre et Miquelon later this week.bona vista harbour

Today was our visit to Bona Vista, where Cabot first sighted America.  It was a huge cod fishing area for years and we visited the Parks Canada interpretation center at Ryan’s Premises.  Frankly, we are a bit tired of the history of fisheries around here, but it was a good exhibit.  But what we really came for was to see the puffins, Newfoundland’s provincial bird.  And we were not disappointed!!!  We drove to a point where we saw people sitting on another point for a long time.  So Leon figured there must be something up there.  Sure enough, we pulled over and walked up the hill to find a whole colony of puffins so close you could almost smell them, anyway.  Seriously, they were no more than 10 feet away!!

We left feeling satisfied we have seen just about all the sights we want to see in Newfoundland, including several whales spouting again yesterday.  Camping was in front of a quiet cove at Elliston where we share yet another lobster, this time a 3 pounder.  Shameful!!  We sat with the camping neighbours from Quebec and ate as we were a feast for the local flies.  Yes, my face is once again swollen all down one side.  Sigh…  Oh well, it was a lovely day with a great evening to finish it off.puffins collage