School ended yesterday, thank goodness!  I am exhausted and ready for a long vacation.  Leon parked the Roadtrek in the driveway a few days ago, so I’ve been looking forward to packing and getting all ready.  Today, I slept in till 10am and jumped into my bathing suit so we could have coffee in the hot tub.  Leon will be emptying it before we leave in the morning.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, doing laundry and getting the odd and ends ready for the big trip. Right now, I am transferring music CDs onto my computer so we can use it as a stereo while travelling.  I’ve also loaded some Spanish lessons and Leon will be practicing his French as we drive.  We always plan so much to do when we prepare for a summer trip, but don’t always end up completing all the projects.  Of course, I’ve got several books packed that I plan to read as well.  I can read on the tablet, but I like a plain old paperback at times.  Ahh summer, time to read, nap and loosen the knots in my muscles.

Tomorrow’s itinerary takes us to Arthabaskaville, where my father was born.  We tried to visit it last trip, but we missed the majority of the sights.  So, stay tuned for pictures and stories as we travel east for the next 8 weeks.