frozen parsley in Bendigo
Frost covers parsley in Bendigo on June 20. Photos courtesy of the Bendigo Advertiser.

I was checking a post on Facebook this morning from a friend in Bendigo.  She mentioned something about snow.  Leon looked it up and actually found a picture!  You be the judge, but it looks more like frost to us.

When we were planning our year in Australia, we used to refer to it as our year without winter.  Boy were we surprised by how cold it can get in the goldfields!  After we got back to Canada, people would say: “You must find it cold here compared to Australia.”  They never believed me when I said it wasn’t that warm there.

I’ve been thinking about our next exchange and the possibility of going to Canberra.  But it was -5C there this morning.  As George would say on MasterChef: Come on guys!!!