Was it a murder/suicide?  Or just a tragic accident?  Investigations will have to continue.

Was this young male a participant in this tragic love triangle? Oblivious to the events, was alcohol the cause?
Victim or murderer?
Victim or murderer?
blond found floating - victim of a love triangle?
Blond found floating in the resort pool – victim of a love triangle?

Sunday afternoon, Los Cabos, poolside – the bodies of two young women were found floating in the pool.  One a pretty blonde, with a Barbie figure, the other a shapely brunette who could rival Kim Kardashian.  As I scanned the pool side, I saw a young man, clearly passed out, oblivious to the carnage that had occurred, his super sized glass of spirits empty!  Had there been a lovers’ triangle?  Had the blonde been struck down by the brunette who then took her own life once she was spurned by a very drunk cavalier who didn’t even know she existed?  We may never know.

Later that day, the parents of the young women came to claim them.  The brunette’s parent had a strange way of reviving her, dragging her by the hair so she could once again play nice with the blonde.  The young male was ignored by all as he slept off his liquor.

The lesson to be learned is don’t let your teen graduates participate in March Break Madness. They are clearly not able to handle themselves while out of your sight.