It’s no secret that I’ve always loved the ocean.  Leon has been doing his best to find opportunities for me to see as much of the Pacific Coast as possible.  We are just around the corner from Victoria, BC, not quite in the Pacific, but more in a sheltered cove.  If you take the boat around the rocky shoreline, to the right, you will be in the ocean proper.  We are visiting the in-laws – Connie (Leon’s youngest sister) and her husband Paul.  They love to fish, so that’s were Leon is right now, trying to catch us a nice cohoe or two for dinner.  I stayed behind in the camper, enjoying the first day in weeks that I didn’t have to go anywhere.  Leon kissed me goodbye after handing me a cup of coffee and my book and glasses.  I stayed in bed until I had read the last 80 pages of the novel.

By now the sun is hot and people are about their weekend activities.  I took a walk down to the dock and saw some ladies filleting their catch, trying to decide if they would have grilled salmon for dinner or simply can it and save it for later.  The seals were swimming around the fish cleaning station – a mother, father and baby seal, attracted by the fishy water that’s created by the cleaning.  It probably tastes like fish-flavoured kool-aid to them.

As I looked at the shoreline, I spotted a bald eagle high in a tree.  On the other side of the cove, a man was lying on the rough beach, having just come into shore, two salmon waiting on the rocks under a tree.  Lucky for him the seagulls hadn’t found them and tried to carry them away.  His friends had gone up to the café to join up with more friends.  It looked like they might be having a picnic later.

So this is the BC coast.  The hills always look blue-gray, even though they are really covered in green trees for the most part.  I guess it’s the way the ocean and the sky reflect that causes everything to be shades of the same colour from a distance.

Connie filleting fish they caught, including 2 Leon caught
Leon brings home the errr… fish
bald eagle
quiet cove
relaxing on the beach
the view from the water