Moving up the coast further, we turned at Florence, Oregon, on the way inland to Corvallis.  My friend Marlene has a cousin who was planning a trip to Australia.  So naturally, Marlene suggested she read my blog when I was living there.  Her cousin, Cheri, has continued to keep up with me and surprised us with an invitation to stay the night, have a good meal and a good glass of Oregon wine.  How could we refuse such a delightful invitation??

We met Cheri and her hubby Roger, had a lovely evening of cocktails in the back garden, dinner of dynamite pasta and a terrific raspberry ice cream made with Cheri’s own fresh berries.  Yum!!!  They are lovely people and we certainly had a great evening of conversation, getting to know them better.  It’s amazing the people you meet when you travel and how connected we really all are.

Thank you again, Cheri and Roger, for your warm hospitality.  Hope you can look us up when you visit our part of the world.

We moved quickly through Oregon and Washington after that, stopping for some shopping at the outlets.  I wanted to buy my daughter something from the Lululemon outlet store in Washington.  Leon was kind enough to drive through Seattle so I could see it.  I only took a few pictures of the downtown area.  It looked quite nice.

Once we got to BC, we headed straight for Leon’s mother’s house in White Rock.  We spent 2 nights, enough time to visit with the family and have a bbq with Leon’s children and grandchildren, who, as all grandparents say, “have grown so much already!”

Cheri and me, look Marlene, her kitchen is the same colour as yours! By the way, Cheri is an excellent cook. It was hard to refuse seconds, believe me.
Cheri and Roger, cocktails in the back garden
seattle space needle
Seattle skyline