…visited Great Salt Lake, Utah – 2nd saltiest body of water in the world, smelly, full of sand fleas and quite shallow. It also seems to be the world’s capital of large ugly spiders (that’s my thinking, anyway)

spiders everywhere in great salt lake

mucky smelly great salt lake

Great Salk Lake, Utah

…drove through Nevada and were quite surprised that it’s not all dry and desert-like everywhere.

Nevada northeast






…camped in the high desert at Winnemucca, had a terrific swim in the pool, a great dinner of steak and veggies with a good wine and the most amazing evening just appreciating our surroundings and our good fortune.

great dinner great view in Nevada desert

…stopped for gas and found the oddest sign in the ladies’ room

sign at Elko gas station

…stopped in Lovelock, NV to buy a lock and put it on a chain behind the courthouse to lock our love forever, as is a custom in China.

courthouse lovelock
our lock






…drove through Reno, NV, then on to Lake Tahoe (California and Nevada sides).

lake tahoe beach





…stopped at the beach in Lake Tahoe, stood on the sand, tested the cool water.  It was windy and cool, so we weren’t inclined to stay.

…went to a distillery where they make a peanut butter flavoured vodka.  Imagine that mixed with chocolate liqueur – just like a peanut butter cup!  Too bad it’s not on the market yet.

…drove back to the campsite to stop for the night and have dinner and a bit of gambling at the casino next door – mistake!!!  Casino allows smoking, restaurant was overpriced and bland.  We bet $1, then left to find another restaurant in another town.  Our urge to gamble was cured (pardon the pun).

…drove back to Reno to find a decent restaurant.  Stopped an older diner that’s been featured on the Food Network in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  It was smoke free thankfully.  I had spaghetti with garlic bread, Leon had a roast beef sandwich with weird bbq sauce.  We shared the chocolate pistachio cake slice.  Not worth the calories.

restaurant in reno

…took photos in front of the wedding chapel.  They even have a drive through window, if you are in a real hurry!

wedding chapel Reno, NV
wedding chapel 2
drive thru chapel






…stopped at the local wine store to find the Yellow Tail Aussie wines all selling for $4.99 a bottle!!!  I couldn’t get it that cheap in Australia!!

We are off to the Napa Valley tomorrow.  It’s cool and windy outside our camper, so we are snuggled in for the night.  Nite all…