Leon to the campground clerk: “and the train comes every 15 minutes, right?”  We sign in, pay and the clerk says: “and there is no extra charge for the train by the way.”  The train seems to be coming regularly, about every 30 minutes or so.  It’s very loud and we are camped about 100 metres from the track in Paxico, Kansas, established 1886.

It’s a nice quiet campground, close to a large creek, some corn fields, lots of old buildings and many full grown trees where we saw more than one large brown owl.  It’s late evening, Monday night.  We’ve driven from Indianapolis, ID through Illinois, Missouri and are now just past Topeka, Kansas, about 9 hrs drive from Denver Colorado, where we hope to spend a few days visiting Matt, another exchange teacher we met last year in Melbourne.

It’s been an uneventful day.  We got up around 8am and decided we needed another swim in that lovely salt water pool at the campground.  By the time we had packed up and left, I was 10am, well past rush hour in Indianapolis.  Good thing too.  There isn’t that much to see along the way except the change of states, the bridges over the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers and a few larger cities in the distance like St. Louis, MO and Kansas City, MO.  That’s right, Kansas City is not in Kansas, it’s in Missouri.  And all along we kept thinking it was funny that they advertised East St. Louis and St. Louis as being one mile apart, until we realized that East St. Louis is actually in Illinois, not Missouri. Those kooky Americans and their names – they must have a few glasses of wine at the city naming committee meetings.

Anyway, we made it to Kansas and took a few pictures along the way.  One is for my friend Marlene – the price of beer is cheaper in Missouri than in Quebec, Marlene.  Tell Larry!!!  Only $12.45 for a case of 18.  And for Hermann, Chrissy’s dad, there is a town called Hermann somewhere between here and there, just so you know.

Meanwhile, back in Paxico, we took a little walk after dinner and investigated the storm shelter.  Yes, Dorothy, we are in Kansas, twister alley, I believe.  So here’s a picture of what they look like inside and outside.  We are not sure the roof would hold in a real storm but I supposed they know what they are doing around here.

Lots of pictures to post but I’ll get them up at the next stop.

cozy in the camper – bet you owned a Roadtrek too!
death grip on the steering wheel – yes, I do drive occasionally
east st. louis, Illinois – not to be confused with St. Louis, MO
Hermann, Kansas – Leon told me to take the picture, honest.
kansas city – Missouri, not Kansas
grey or brown owl in Paxico – he was the size of a toy poodle. There were at least 3 of them that we saw. Beautiful!
Kansas corn, just outside our camp area in Paxico
outdoor sink at the campgroup in Paxico, KS
door to storm shelter – Toto, are you in there?
storm shelter in Kansas – watch out for those twisters Dorothy!
Look Larry, the beer is cheaper here than in Quebec!