Seven pm, eating tortilla chips and salsa, sipping on the evening cocktail, sitting at the picnic table at our campground just outside on Indianapolis.  We got in all hot and sweaty after a day’s drive, so we decided to have a swim in the heated pool before we did anything else.  Tonight’s dinner is left over pork chops, more of those great veggies from last night and possibly some mushrooms and onions to spruce it all up.  I might even consider opening the other bottle of wine to see if both were bad.  We threw the first bottle out this morning.  No point in carting bad wine across several states, I say.

I was a hot and sunny day for the most part.  We started with a walk around the lighthouse at Barcelona on lake Erie.  Lovely spot.  Then it was on the road again.  We were looking for a gas stop on the highway and what do I spot?  Timmy’s!!!!!  They have Tim Hortons here!!  So Leon pumped the gas while I pick up a couple of coffees and 2 muffins for the road.  It tasted just like Timmy’s back home.  We even saw the Timmy’s truck on the highway as we drove west.  And another Timmy’s in Ohio.  Isn’t that great??  Sorry to my Aussie friends, we just didn’t like your coffee.  This is so much better.

The road was full of interesting things to see.  First we saw a group of old cars travelling together.  They were probably actually reproduction of old cars, beautifully painted and shining.  The group was called the over the hill gang and most cars had their year posted on their licence plate.  Neat!!

Then when we passed Dayton, Ohio, we saw the Blue Angels, an acrobatic fighter jet group, like the Snowbirds.  It seems the air show was on.  So that was 2 major shows we got to see while driving along.  But the best was yet to come, and I am really sorry I don’t have a picture to show everyone.  It was a large man (woman?) riding a motorcycle, dressed in hot pink hot pants and fishnets.  We passed he/she twice, but I still couldn’t figure it out.  Quite an outfit for biking.  To my friend George, who loves to bike, do you see yourself travelling that way???

Leon all cozy in the back of the camper on the first night
barcelona lighthouse
lighthouse and house in Barcelona, NY
lighthouse plaque
marina on lake erie
timmy’s in PA