This post is all about the pictures.

Well, finally a minute to sit down and post the pictures from our trip to Alice Springs and Uluru.  Hopefully the captions are self-explanatory.

We were approaching the bush fire area on the way to King's Canyon. The smell was strong and we ended up not staying in the area for the night. The sunset that night was very red, beautiful!

We drove to King's Canyon after seeing Uluru. It's the Grand Canyon of Australia. The road had been closed the day before due to bush fires.

As we drove towards Uluru, there was a sand storm. What you are looking at is Mt. Connor. It is often confused with Ayers Rock, but you'll see the difference when you look at those pictures.

A road train is an extremely long tractor trailer. This one only had 3 trailers, we saw some with 4. How would you like to drive that in the city?

The road is so straight on the way to Alice Springs, you can see for miles. Not much traffic either. Note, this is the desert but it's very green from all the rains and flooding last year.

Coober Pedy is surrounded by these mounds, like giant ant hills. They are the dirt that is pushed out of the tunnels the miners dig when looking for opals. If the tunnel is big enough, you can live in the mine as the ground there is very stable and not subject to cave-ins.

The dog fence is 5300 km long, longer than the Great Wall of China. It was erected to keep the dingos aways from the livestock in the southern part of Australia.

Coober Pedy business, notice it's built into the hillside, so really, it's underground.

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