It’s October 8, my birthday.  I am sitting on the patio in Bendigo as I write this.  So far today, we had breakfast out back here and then went for a bike ride to town to check out the farmer’s market.  It’s not very big, but I did managed to buy some local olives and some nice feta cheese.  From there, we picked up a few grocery items so I could make us a nice Mediterranean-style salad for lunch on the patio.

We’ve had a nice, sunny afternoon where we read the paper, planned our next trips and watched the birds in the yard.  Earlier, when we were having a look around the yard, we found a dead bird and then a very still bird, sitting on the grass.  As I got closer to take a look, the bird moved and the parent bird started to screech and tried to swoop me.  Luckily, I had my bike helmet handy and managed to move away.  When we returned from our bike ride, one of the magpies was waiting for us on the tree at the front of the yard.  It tried to swoop Leon, so he decided it was best not to put the bikes back in the shed and stay out of the garden for a while.  Now, as he is taking the clothes off the line, he is wearing his hat, just in case.  We can now add being swooped to our list of things we did in Australia.

Yesterday, we left the southern tip of Yorke Peninsula and drove north and then south east to Adelaide to return our camper.  From there, we drove back to Bendigo for a total of 12 hours of driving.  On the way, we stopped in Bordertown to see the white kangaroos.  They are pure white, like albinos.  The one I photographed seemed a little small, but I did see some in the back of the park that were regular size.  How cool is that?

Quiet night at home tonight with a good dinner and good company.  I’ll get back to school work tomorrow.  I can’t avoid it any longer.  We already have plans for next weekend.  There is a bush dance and one of our exchange friends is coming for the weekend.  There will be few weekends where we won’t be busy until we leave.  Hard to believe it went so fast when we were just planning our trip here a year ago, still waiting for visas and passports and such.

white contrasted against a red roo
white kangaroos in Bordertown, SA