Surfing at Coolum Beach, Queensland

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I made a photo album of our surf day.  Click on the big purple button, but be very patient.  It took a while to load up in a new window.  I hope you enjoy it.  More pictures will be posted as I receive them from the developer.

In the meantime, we left Coolum Beach yesterday to fly home.  That was uneventful.  But the day before, on Thursday, Leon spent the whole day surfing and really mastered it this time.  Earl joined him for an hour in the afternoon but found it exhausting.  I can’t believe Leon managed to stay surfing, with some breaks, for 5 hours!  He was one tired man.  We had a nice dinner and he was off to bed early enough, although he didn’t sleep that well.

We are now all cosied up in Bendigo.  I’ve already made a big batch of chili and we spent a few hours gardening on a sunny day.  It feels more like October to me, than July.  Things keep growing in the yard, in spite of the winter.  And we heard there was a big wind and cold while we were away.  Which would explain the tree that fell in the yard.  Not to worry, Leon cut it with the chainsaw and we moved it to the wood pile.  No damage to surrounding areas.  Time for a lazy Saturday evening with my men, Leon and Earl…

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