Well it’s only 10am, day 1 of the term holiday, so nothing much has happened yet.  I am just packing and getting ready while Leon attends to some of his affairs.  I slept in rather late this morning and could sleep more, but we must get on the road!

Once we pack up the car, we are off to Melbourne to pick up a camper van from the same place that rented us a hippie van last time.  This one will be a high top, more luxurious and will have an inside kitchen so I can cook standing in the van, in case of rain.  Daylight is shorter now, so it will be dark by 6pm or so most nights.  That might mean some very long cozy nights, sitting in the van, reading, relaxing taking about our day’s adventure.

Our first stop tonight should be Bairnsdale.  No particular reason, except that it seems a decent day’s drive and it’s in the right direction.  We plan to find a caravan park for the night.

More details and pictures as we go along and find internet cafes.  I am looking forward to seeing Sydney and some of the great coastline on Australia’s East Coast.