Most women will attest to having better hearing than men. Like when your child is crying and your husband, who swears he’s an insomniac, has never once gotten up for a late feeding or to change a middle of the night diaper. We can be in a crowd of hundreds and still make out our own child calling “Mommy”! So here I was in a comfy camper, not too hot, not too crowded, when the rain started. I suddenly felt like I was in a popcorn popper, there was so much noise each time the rain hit the roof of the camper. Of course, Leon is quiet beside me and I am finally realizing the depth of the hearing damage he has suffered from the artillery. How can he not be hearing this??? Almost 3 hours later, I realize he is awake and has been listening to the loud rain, wondering when he will fall asleep. Too bad so many hours were wasted. We could have had a nice chat. Yah, right! So we finally got back to sleep at some point and woke at the reasonable hour of 8am. Shower, coffee in bed, clean up and we are off for another adventure…

Back up a bit… we arrived in Sale, after a few hours of driving on April 9. Someone told me that it was best to cook in the communal kitchen if we want to meet nice people, which we did. We met a few people, notably one very nice young lady who was travelling North to South and “finding” herself at the ripe age of 27 or so. She was travelling alone, in her car, enjoying the East coast of Australia. We had a nice chat while we cooked and ate our dinner.

dinner in Sale campground
Marlo - our camper
inside the camper

We drove north trying to find some sun and beaches. We decided to try a nice lunch on the beach. Well the beach is still rather elusive in this area, but we did manage to see it, at least, in a town called Marlo, where we parked on the side of the road and made a salad. The food was delicious, the view was great. We even took a short walk down several stairs to the actual beach. It was not the open Pacific, but it was still lovely. We continued on the highway, thinking it would be best to drive on, seeking warmer weather and staying with my imaginary schedule. Leon likes to tease me about this schedule. He was happy it didn’t come up before we left yesterday. He figures we are on a vacation so there should be no deadlines to meet. I know better than to argue…

beach at Marlo
pelicans in Lakes Entrance
burnt forest near Mallacoota
termite nest







So, we finally arrived at destination – Eden, NSW. It is roughly mid point from Melbourne to Sydney. The campground we are in is lush and green with birds and fish to eat the mosquitoes (yeah!). We are just across the street from the beach where we plan to walk and take in the view in the morning. Unfortunately, the days are so short, we seem to arrive just around sunset and miss taking in the sights in the evening. Dinner was a lamb chop with stir fry veggies and rice in the camp kitchen. We met a lovely couple from England, now living here, and another young couple from Italy, of all places. Leon continues to pass out our card and makes sure everyone sees our blog address. More incentive for me to keep up these tales.

As I returned from the toilet facilities, I noticed the sound of the crashing waves at a distance. Now I feel like I am near the ocean! Tomorrow, we plan to head to part closer to Sydney. We figure we will be in the big city by Tuesday for at least 2 days of touring. More as it happens…,time to get ready for bed.