Actually, it was only the induction day for new teachers.  But still, I did get up early, got dressed to go out, left very, very early, prepared to make new friends.  That’s like a first day at school for most children, isn’t it?

at Marian Center. Notice the lovely ghost gum tree behind me.

I met many new teachers and my mentor (buddy), Marie, for discussion and a bit of history on the college.  Very informative.  In the afternoon, we received our “lifebook” (laptops).  Very snazzy!!!  Mine has a stylus or light pen and a screen that swivels so I can turn it into a tablet, sort of like an Ipad.  Far fancier than what I am used to!  So I’ve been spending part of the afternoon learning about it’s functions and the other tools we have as teachers on the school network.

It has been another very hot day.  Today, the thermometer was at 40C at 4pm, 106F!!!  Hot enough for you?  Thank goodness I am not having to take a bus home.  The building we were in was air conditioned.  And Donna and Neville, bless them, had air conditioning installed in the house before they left.  You’d think I could lose a pound or two????  So how does it feel?  Well, last night, the sheets on the bed felt as if they had just come out of the dryer.  I guess the heat comes through the walls and roof.  But not to be deterred, I made chicken long soup, as I had learned in Fiji.  Yes, hot chicken noodle soup!!!  It was delicious.  And I have a ton of soup left for other meals.

Tomorrow, we begin a 2 day conference for all staff.  It will be a lot of information.  And then there is a fancy dinner on Wed night to finish it all off.  Thursday is a preparation day, which I hope to make the best of, including getting my schedule and class lists.  Friday, I will get to meet my students for the first time.  Very exciting!!!