Before I go further, don’t ever buy thickened cream.  It will kill you, but you’ll still want to keep eating it.  A friend brought it over, it’s not my fault.  I am just trying to finish it before it goes bad.

Today is a hot day (thermostat says 38C, 100F, in the shade)!  We started with a visit to the local Sunday market where I picked up some olives and new potatoes.  Then I drove (without GPS) to the Marketplace Mall for a few goodies, not the least of which were 2 new pairs of sandals.  My flipflops have been giving me blisters so Leon actually encouraged me to buy 2 pairs of shoes!!!  Back at the house, we spent a lazy afternoon reading.

We’ve become accustomed to the spider webs and don’t cringe and do a crazy dance around them anymore.  So maybe that’s why we are suddenly seeing all kinds of birds we haven’t seen in the yard before.  Leon is getting so fascinated, he is researching the cost of a telescopic lens camera as I write this.  So today, we’ve seen a new kind of parrot, called a lorikeet, I believe.  We’ve been able to identify one bird as a common myna.  It likes to swoop down near the pigeon nest, so the poor mother is very careful.  We just saw a new large bird, a currawong, a cousin to the magpie, I think.  There was also this bird we can’t identify just sitting on the gazebo roof, munching on a spider.

I made a peach crisp this morning with the fruit from the trees in the yard.  The peaches are really small so I had to use almost 30 of them to make a regular size pan full.  But it was quite delicious!

Leon is wise enough to eat his peach crisp with yogurt











Right now, I am being dive bombed by mosquitoes that are the size of large fruit flies.  Time to go in!