Last day before we go over the ditch

We are currently in Queenstown, the extreme sport capital of the world.  I haven’t sat down to write for a while but I did get some pics ready for upload shortly.  The internet connections are not always optimal so I may wait till I get to AU to upload all those pics I want to share.

In the past days, we visited Milford Sound, enjoyed the end of a harness race day in Te Anau, visited the Chinese settlement ruins at Arrowtown and had a nice drink and dinner on the waterfront of Queenstown.  Not a bad score…

We are on our last day in NZ.  It looks like it will be a beautiful sunny day, so walking to and around town will likely be the agenda for the day.  There are lots of sports to try here but bungy jumping or jet boating are not my cup of tea.  Besides, my wallet is having trouble justifying those expenses.  We have seen a lot of young people here – the sort you would see in Whistler or Banff or any of the ski resorts in the world.  Some had crutches or bandages on various limbs.  Enough said!


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