Gosh, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage to things to do around here. We arrived 3 days ago and since then we’ve:

  • seen a seal colony on the side of the highway,
  • had a huge meal in a terrific Irish restaurant where we met a great couple from England and closed the place down, visited Christchurch center looking for earthquake damage, eaten the biggest order of ribs I’ve ever seen,
  • driven to the only French settlement in NZ and had a croissant and coffee overlooking the beach
  • and walked along a long stretch of beach just outside the city.
jazz in the lounge on the ferry
kids doing the Haka in Christchurch
earthquake damage in Christchurch

Lots to do! Tomorrow, we are driving across the island headed south to Te Anau for 2 nights. We will be taking a bus/ferry tour to Milford Sound, a region of great beauty.  As I type this, there are people playing in the pool as I wish I could be in there right now.  We got up very late this morning with the intention of sitting in the hot tub with our coffee and planning the day.  We had tried to use the hot tub last night but missed it by 5 minutes.  So we were getting ready this morning when I noticed the “closed for painting” sign in front of the tub.  Turns out someone has thrown something into the tub and it needed to be emptied and refilled.  It’s still not open.  Unfortunately, we plan to leave very early in the morning, so I don’t think we’ll be able to use it after all.  At least we had a hot tubbing in Kaikoura at the last B & B we stayed in.  It was an actual cedar barrel.  Never seen that before!

Things are great here, but of course, we are keeping a close eye on the flooding in Australia. We will be living several miles south of that area, so “no worries” so far. Hey, Leon is hoping the Reserves will call him to help with the clean up there. That would certainly be a great opportunity for him. I’d deal with it if necessary.

I am getting a little tired of moving around so much at this point and really looking forward to getting settled in Bendigo. Donna, my exchange partner has arrived in Orleans and will hopefully get settled in to my house nicely. Thanks to Marlene and Larry for their great welcome and helpfulness in this adventure. Maybe they will hear so much about AU that they’ll want to travel and visit us during the year.