Husband’s travelling up North

While I am enjoying a very warm spring, thunderstorms and all, my husband was caught in a snow storm in Edmonton and is now in Yellowknife.  I don’t envy him the weather but I wish I could have joined him for the trip.  It sounds exotic, anyway.  Probably sounds better than it is if I take into account what his itinerary was.  Lots of field work, I think.  No glamour there.  What would be glamourous would be to attend the Mess dinner or Ball coming up in BC.  I have just the right dresses too.  But it’s a little far to travel for a fancy dinner and dance.  I’ll have to hope more events come up once I live there.

In the meantime, I am getting through the semester and trying to get my paperwork together for BC.  That is progressing slowly.  Now I have to send the forms and pay the fees.  Not cheap!  I guess I’ll have to teach a few days just to make up the cost.

Time goes slowly when you hardly get to see your husband.  Next week, it will be 3 months since we got married.  I think we’ve spent about 18 days together in that time.  Looking forward to the next honeymoon…

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