I decided to apply for my BC teaching certificate this morning.  There is  quite a lot of paperwork to complete, so I’d better get to it before my next course starts and before the school year end rush.  I happen to write to another Ontario teacher who decided to relocate to BC last year to inquire about her progress.  Not surprisingly, she has given up on her dream as there are no jobs prospects in Vancouver at this time.  None!  She managed to work all she wanted as a French supply teacher but that was it.  So she is returning to our school board next fall.  In the meantime, I am happy I made the safe decision to only leave my job for one semester, effectively guaranteeing my job and my school when I return.  Phew!

Sure it’s not as romantic as living in BC and working on the great fixer upper house with my husband, but I will be satisfied with security at this time.  In the meantime, we are apart and each day is lonely.  Talking on the phone daily just doesn’t cut it.  The only consolation I have is the weather is lovely and spring came early.  I started walking again yesterday after a long absence and hope to continue daily from now on.  Today’s walk was along the river where Leon and I once had a walking date on New Year’s Eve.  Nice memories.