I discovered that carrying a wedding bouquet on the flight home entitles one to many privileges.  All day, people kept commenting on my flowers so I just had to tell them I just got married.  That started a chain of events and suddenly I was getting free champagne on the plane, at the airport (Leon bought us a day pass for the 1st class lounge) and even a gift of 2 splits of champagne and a bottle of wine from the flight attendant when we flew from Miami to Chicago.  Even the Canada Customs guy was sweet and told us there was no problem carrying cut flowers across the border.  Isn’t that great?  So I told Leon I might bring along a flower bouquet whenever we travel and see what freebies we get.

At the hotel in Key West, we received a lovely wedding book from the management.  I don’t have much info to put in it because we didn’t have a traditional wedding, but it’s the thought that counts.

I am still receiving lots of good wishes from my friends and colleagues from all over.  I have pictures to organize and will post them as soon as I have a minute.  Today, I am just trying to get organized for work tomorrow as well as the various activities my son needs me to attend to.  But the honeymoon continues.  We intend to have a nice skate on the canal early this evening before dinner.

Pictures to follow…