I’ve decided to book at mani-pedi for each of us on Feb 10.  Leon gets the paraffin treatment, I get the nail polish finish.  It’s not cheap over at the Ezcape Spa, but we are worth it.  I can just imagine us all relaxed and glowing when we get to Florida.  Ah…  Each day should be a Honeymoon from here on in.

In the meantime, I am terribly distracted by wedding plans.  I am falling behind in my marking and my studies.  It’s so hard to be focused on classes when I am busy figuring out what to engrave inside Leon’s ring.

My dress has been in the bathroom getting steamed for over 2 weeks and it still has huge marks where it was folded for shipping to the store. I will try to machine wash it as recommended.  I hope it works.  I’ve also been busy repairing some old jewelry.  I decided to change the findings on a pair of mother of pearl earrings.  I think they will be suitable for the wedding now.  I remade an old bracelet into a long strand I can wrap around my wrist.  That’s been packed for the trip as well.  I still have more jewelry to repair.  Maybe tomorrow?  Life has a way of getting in the way.

The planning for the return party continues.  I’ve invited everyone so far.  I got their email addresses so I can send them a proper invitation.  Now I am trying to plan a menu.  So far it’s Jerk Chicken Wings, Coconut Shrimp,plantain chips with cilantro dip, maybe some Jamaican patties, tropical fruit salad (?) and cupcakes.  Of course I will pick up some suitable drinks, maybe coolers in crazy flavours and beer with lime wedges. I need more food ideas.