Well the good news is that the US airlines are allowing carry-on luggage again.  Let’s see if we can get all our luggage in 2 carry-on suitcases.  Correction, let’s see if my luggage will all fit in those suitcases.  Right Leon??  A woman has to have her shoes.

I am still thinking about the Caribbean party I want to throw.  I am working on the menu and have decided to definitely have cupcakes for dessert (and fruit salad).  It will be fun to make those and decorate them in colourful icing.  I have to get out to the store for decorations.  Time is a factor though.  Work is busy and my studies are always waiting for me to read another discussion post or finish another assignment.

Leon is trying to get a pic of my ring up here but he had trouble with the flash.  That’s how shiny it is!