Well, I tried to get a picture of the ring yesterday, but it’s really hard to do that in a store, especially when it’s their exclusive design.  Oh well, at least I got to try it on again.  I think Leon will make a purchase shortly, as soon as he gets a minute.  Today was not a good day for him as he had some difficult official military business to take care of.

In the meantime, we are following the changes in flight restrictions for US bound flights.  We had hoped to only have carry on luggage as I figured it would cut our chances of losing our bags since we have to transfer in Chicago on the way to Miami.  And I figured we might bring my dress and Leon’s outfit in a suit bag to be hung up in 1st class.  Now the rules have been changed to no carry on luggage except a purse or a laptop.  Kinda limiting.  I will have to inquire about the suit bag.

And then I started thinking we might as well wear our rings over the border.  With my luck, I’d be charged customs for importing jewelry.  Who knows???  Leon will probably laugh at me for this.  Yes folks, these are the things I think about at 4am when I wake up and can’t get to sleep again.  Ah the joy of menopause…

I can’t wait to see Leon’s ring.  It should be ready in a week or so.  I sure hope he likes it as much as I like my ring.