Leon finally had a chance to shop for a nice silk shirt.  I love the way it looks on him.  He will be a handsome groom indeed!

He had a chance to get his plane tickets for the trip to Ottawa.  He’ll be staying for 10 days!!!  It will be nice to spend time with my husband.  I thought we might even have time to skate on the canal and have tea at the Chateau over the weekend.  It will be Winterlude by then.

We also reserved the car for the trip.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get a deal on a convertible.  So we opted for the compact car.  Might as well save where we can.

Another detail to take care of is the final night’s hotel.  Because of the new airport security, we might have to be at the airport so very early on Feb 15th, I figured we might as well leave Key West on Feb 14 and enjoy a leisurely drive up the Keys.  We can stay in the Upper Keys on Feb 14 and have a romantic dinner in that area.