Oh Ontario, why are you so large?

We travelled to Kenora and tried to stop for the night.  Unfortunately, all the places were full, so we continued a bit further south to a campground that was so lovely, even the mosquitos gave it a five star rating!  We stayed inside and moved on after a good shower then next morning.

Somewhere near Sault Ste Marie, we camped for another night in a provincial park. A lovely, wooded area but we seemed to acquire a new pet – Mickey mouse!  I woke up that morning wondering what Leon was staring at near the side door.  He had seen a rather large mouse and was trying get it.  But alas, the critter was too fast.  Oddly enough, I had been listening to my book the night before, unable to sleep, and kept hearing scampering noises.  I thought maybe something was running across our roof. 

So, we stopped at the nearest Walmart and picked up some sticky mousetraps.  That night, the scampering and chewing were worse!  In the morning, Leon found all kinds of droppings in the kitchen drawers and worse, in the bed, right beside me!  Ewwwwww!  All night, I hardly slept, hearing the chewing, wondering what wiring Mickey was going to destroy.

By the second night, we bought a plethora of mouse traps and tried them all.  We were staying at our friend Jim’s that night, in his house, so we made sure to set all the traps.  In the morning, the old-fashioned wooden trap, set with peanut butter, had a prize in it.  There was Mickey, caught at the neck, dead to the world.  He was disposed of in the Mississauga garbage, in case you wanted to know that.

In celebration of getting rid of Mickey, we picked up my daughter from our temporary home and headed to Cameron’s Brewery for a tour (work related, I assure you).  Then after saying goodbye to our friends Jim and Pixie, we headed to Ottawa to drop off Ariane and find a suitable place to de-mouse.  At least we got to visit my daughter’s new landscaped yard but events were conspiring against us to be able to visit with some of our local friends and family.

We were invited to take a tour of Cameron’s Brewery. That’s a work related event I can get into.

On the way to Toronto, we stopped in Sudbury and experienced roads that were so bad, you could turn them into a tourist attraction! We slept in the Casino parking lot after a satisfying meal of hot roast beef platter (hold the bread and gravy and pile on the French Fries – gluten free dining at its best!). Honestly, they were so nice there. We got 2 coupons for a $5 dinner each and a $5 voucher to play the slots. At one point Leon was up to $10 in winnings. He should have cashed out and we would have stayed the whole night for free!

Leaving Sudbury to drive south, we stopped in the Wasaga Beach area. I loved the beautiful beaches on the Lake Huron shore! Balm Beach was our first stop. Leon had an ice cream while I took photos of the water. The smell of the arcade took me back to my childhood vacations in Wildwood, NJ.