Every time I make my marinated tomatoes, I get asked for the recipe. Here’s the blog post where I shared it. Back in 2012, we lived in Ontario. Coming to BC for our summer vacation was still very exotic to me. I am so happy we managed to retire here.

Coincidentally, we were out for dinner last night and our friend said he had just visited Whistler the previous day. He reported it was very crowded with people getting out the lakes in that area.  Perhaps I will have to wait a while longer to visit Whistler again?

Turning my world upside down!

After a night in Parksville, on the island, we took the ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, north of Vancouver.  I always love the ferry ride with its relaxing atmosphere and great views.  I read the end of my book and did a bit of shopping on the boat.  Leon had decided to show me Whistler as I’d never been there before.  I was told it was like Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, but it’s nothing like it except for the similar shops and European village feel.  The drive on the sea to sky highway is spectacular as we moved through Howe Sound where the water turns turquoise and the mountain peaks are high and snow covered.  It was hard to take a picture to capture the majesty of it all.  The drive from the ferry is about 2 hours.

We found a great campsite in Whistler, all new and shiny.  Our…

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