Well a whole week has gone by since my last post. We made it to Ottawa with no further mechanical issues. It got hotter and more humid as we got closer to the Ottawa Valley. Lots of thunderstorms!

We arrived on Monday and stayed with my brother André and his wife Pam. Roadie likes it here so much that it will spend a whole month parked out front while we are in Europe.

Our days went quickly as we got Roadie repaired and I spent much of it working on wedding details with my daughter. We got the supplies to make her bouquet, got her dress and mine fitted and listened to some music that might be suitable for the wedding. Plans are shaping up and I can look forward to a couple of pre-wedding parties when I return from France.

I also took time to have lunch with my friends and former colleagues. We sat for almost 4 hours. The food wasn’t that great but the company sure was!

This morning, we hopped on a train to Montreal and came to the airport were we will fly out to Paris in about an hour. We had lots of time to work on our websites/newsletters/blogs since we got here so early. So we did the Canadian thing and sat at Tim Hortons for hours! I’ll have you note that I had my frozen lemonade with no straw (see, it can be done).

We then had a late lunch at St.Hubert BBQ. I have to say it tasted much better when I could eat the sauce. Oh well, that’s one craving over with. The reason we had a big meal before our flight is that I wasn’t able to get a special meal for myself on the flight. My choices are gluten free or dairy free. Both seems to be impossible in one meal. So I didn’t take a chance and ate dinner before boarding. By the way, that is not a photo of my chicken dinner.

So, what’s next? Tomorrow morning we will be in Paris to pick up our rental car and then drive north to sleep in Mons, Belgium. I’ve never been to Belgium so that will be new.