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I’ve been busy with a great number of things in the past few months. And so, I’ve neglected to write a post in a long time.  Starting tomorrow, I have a big trip planned. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. We leave our new house, which by now has become a bit of an oasis. We’ve got the yard looking as we wanted – hot tub, artificial turf, a few vines growing gently along the fence which has been painted a soft bleached grey. Leon has even installed a whole sprinkler system front and back of the house to keep everything as green as possible. No worries, we aren’t leaving for good, just for 2 months on a huge trip.
  2. Our roadtrip takes us to Ottawa, via a few of the stops we usually bypass as we cross over to the “east”. We won’t be driving through the US at all on the way there, but we will stop to visit some American friends at some point in the next 2 months.
  3. Once we arrive in Ottawa, we will park Roadie for a month and jet off to Paris from Montreal. I have never really been to France, so this will be another country for me to explore. We plan to visit mostly the Normandie coast and throw in a few stops like my ancestors’ home in Tourouvre, as well as smattering of battlefields tours (Artillery, you know), a visit to LaRochelle (where Champlain’s settlers left for New France aka Quebec City in the 1600s) and finally a 3 day stop in Paris before returning to Ottawa, via Montreal.

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  4. But wait, that’s only half our European trip! We have a family reunion of sorts in Denmark. Leon’s children and grandchildren are meeting us for 10 days to explore the country of his birth. We rented 2 houses in different areas and hope to see the major sites such as a visit to Copenhagen, Legoland and of course, a bit of beach time.  That’s 12 people, 2 houses, 4 rental cars and a whole lot of touring! And none of us speak Danish!


5. And the last of the major events to happen, but certainly not the least in my life, is my daughter’s wedding at the end of September. Preparations have been ongoing for almost 2 years. All is ready except some dress fittings and the matter of a few jewelled bouquets to create.  I will lovingly watch my daughter walk down an aisle to meet her lifelong partner. I am sure there will be tears and a lot of champagne!


Somehow in all that time away, I will try to post some stories about our trip and keep up with my editing work on the RCAA newsletter.  We never do anything halfway, do we?