Our next home, but ours will be in a different colour.

Since moving to BC 2 yrs ago, I’ve been busy making our home more to my liking.  The townhouse is a good size but has no basement like our previous homes.  Storage can be a problem.  We did downsize considerably when we moved here. The size of the house, however, is not our main concern.  Since moving here, Leon has been on the strata (condo) council for our complex.  This past winter, he voiced his concerns about these homes more frequently. Added to that the lack of light in our main living areas and the poor insulation of a 30 yr old home (read “drafty”), not to mention the inability to add a hot tub to our yard, it was becoming clear that it was time to start looking for another home which better suited our needs.

The housing market has been brisk here, to say the least.  When we looked at an older home in our current township, we found a great number of people anxious to make purchase offers well above the asking price. It’s a bit daunting, especially if you currently own a home and don’t want to be stuck with 2 houses for a while.  We happened upon some pre-construction homes and found a model that reminded me very much of our house in Ottawa. It seemed a bit ridiculous at first to upsize back to a house with 4 bedrooms and a 2 bedroom rental suite!  But as the days went on, I started to calculate the possible profit on the sale of our existing home and realized we could make the jump to a house that would allow us the lifestyle we were used to in Ontario, minus the snow, of course!

After making the decision to purchase the new house, we had to get this one ready for sale.  That meant completing the paint jobs in the bedrooms and bathrooms, refacing the bathroom cabinets and changing out the appliances for stainless steel.  The biggest part of getting a house ready, in my view, is the decluttering and staging that takes place so that the house looks more like a model home than a family home.  I actually enjoy all the parts of that process. Yes, even the painting!

After about 5 weeks of hard work and living with tarps and boxes, the house was ready for listing.  The pictures are from the professional photographer.

It took 21 days and 4 offers but the house is now sold.  We have to move by the end of August although our new house won’t be ready until mid December, if it’s on time. That’s where the house hopping comes in.  We will be moving to a nearby rental house for a few months as we watch our own home being built over the fall months.  Now that’s a lot of excitement!