This area was the site of our wedding 5 yrs ago. The boat was supposed to go on a 2 hour sunset cruise but the captain did all he could just to keep us steady in the choppy waters this close to the dock.

As I wrote earlier, we took a trip to Key West over the holidays to revisit the venue where we married.  It was a bit of an anniversary trip.  The Key West portion of the trip started with a 2 night stay at the Banana Bay Resort.  I was excited that I had been able to find an “Adult only” resort as I figured there would be too many children over the Christmas holidays and I didn’t think that set the right mood.  On our first day, we were happy to have a lovely room overlooking the pool area, complete with a few banana trees.  We didn’t waste any time going to the pool to lounge in the later afternoon.  In no time, Leon pointed out what “Adult only” meant down there.  It is another word for “clothing optional”.  Humm, not at all what I expected!

A funny thing happened on day 2.  Leon was looking out at the pool to see if it was crowded and mentioned to me that there were some chunky nude people sunning themselves.  He was kind enough to warn me as he didn’t want to give me a shock!

We went to the pool (fully clothed) and I saw the couple in question.  The lady caught my eye as she was a middle aged version of Kim Kardashian, dark haired and very round.  She has piercings on each of her nipples and made sure every inch of her body except her head was devoid of hair.  As one point, she struck up a conversation with another lady, she topless, and then the gentleman of the couple came to join them.  Leon suggested I might like to go chat with them as well.  I declined, stating that I would not know where to look if I were to talk with them.  Honestly!

The rest of the days with Key West were uneventful.  We rented bicycles and managed to roam around town, looking for the same landmarks we’d seen 5 yrs earlier.  At least this time the weather was warm and sunny.

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