sunset Sherbrooke, NSAfter a busy day travelling along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, we arrived at our destination for the night.  The quiet town of Sherbrooke was once a bustling mill and gold mining area.  They have reconstructed part of the old town but it doesn’t seem to get much tourism.

We found our camping spot and were delighted to see we were the only ones in the campground.  We picked the best vantage point for the sunset, unpacked and I made chicken burgers while we sipped our wine (or cider) and enjoyed the quiet and the view.  The sunset was magnificent but the entertainment was better.  We watched an osprey dive for his dinner a few times.  The next morning, as we had our tea and packed up, we watched a kingfisher dive for breakfast.  That’s how lucky you get when you pick camping spot number 13 on July 13, 2013!

osprey sherbrooke