Kentville, on the path of my recent ancestors

kentville nsAfter leaving Grand Pré, we drove to Kentville, less than an hour away.  My parents had lived there during the war, basically right after they were married.  I wanted to find the house where they lived with my 2 brothers.  It was located on Main Street.

We didn’t find much when we got there.  The town is old enough but a visit to the town museum revealed very little information on the war years of WWII.  I don’t even think my parents’ residence is still there, and if it is, it’s probably a commercial building, perhaps a hairdresser or a dental clinic.

We did figure that my dad was stationed at Camp Aldershot, a little down the road.  We took a quite drive through it, but there was no museum there for us to consult.

kentvilleWe had a quick tea at Timmy’s (which was not there for sure when my mom lived there!), ate lunch on the fly and were off.

I do remember my mother lamenting how difficult it was for a young French speaking bride to get along in that community.  I can see why – according to the records, the Catholic Church had to be built outside the city limits.  Yes, it was that English Protestant a town!!  Ok Mom, I can understand now.cornwallis hotel kentville

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