New Brunswick – the Acadian Coast

chapmans campingWe drove along the Acadian route which follows the shore, first the south shore of the Baie des Chaleurs, then along the north coast of New Brunswick to the Acadian Peninsula and finally along the east coast, along the Northumberland Straits.  We really wanted to find an ocean front campground for the night as we had now been spoiled by the beautiful shores of the St. Lawrence River and its Gulf.

We passed the city of Bathurst and found a great spot to stop for the night – Chapman’s Camping, just outside Salmon Beach.  We couldn’t get over our luck as we had an unencumbered view of the Baie des Chaleurs, including a fabulous sunset and a lovely beach to walk on.  Dinner was the promised feast of grilled veggies, salmon and our favourite lemon-tarragon vinaigrette (look for it on Chatelaine).feast at chapmans camping

Not only was the sunset beautiful, we had a very quiet night’s sleep and I woke up twice to view the sunrise on the water.  The first time, it was 4:30am when first light hit the water and sky.  The water was rosy and it rose into the bottom of the sky.  I woke up again about 5:45am to see the full sunrise.  I just can’t seem to tire (pardon the pun) of these incredible ocean front sunsets and sunrises!grilled salmon in NB

sunset chapmans camping

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