The ugly bathroom was a big challenge, as expected.  Once I put the paint coat on, I wasn’t displeased with the colour after all.  It’s very much like the paint I used in Leon’s Langley house, in the downstairs basement.  Or like the colour I used all over my house 15 yrs ago.  Hummm…is that like when you keep buying the same shade of lipstick thinking you’ve found just the right one?

At any rate, the paint colour is staying.  But after the first coat, I noticed the silicone had not been fully removed near the shower’s edge and someone had wiped their silicone covered fingers on the walls here and there.  So I got out the sandpaper and roughed up the paint, then followed with a thin coat of mud, then more sanding, primer and the second coat of paint.  Of course with all the steps and trying to finish my last week of teaching, it took a whole week.

This morning was spent caulking the baseboard edges and painting the trims white.  While I was at it, I painted the trims and door in the powder room we completed this past winter.  The last steps involve cleaning the floor really well and dressing the bathroom.  The floor is clean but the furnishings are not determined yet.  So I guess the bathroom is in transition for the time being.bathroom after paintbathroom after paint2

While I was painting, I realized that the brownish floors will never look that good with white cabinets we had planned to install.  Drawing inspiration from the Langley bathroom, I am thinking we need to use a darker vanity.  We had chosen medium brown kitchen cabinetry for the bathroom in BC, but I don’t think Ikea offers the same finish in the bathroom vanity.  I’ll have to do some shopping.  In the meantime, the bathroom is ready for use again and I’ll have the summer to think about how to improve it further.