I wanted to share a blog post from a new friend, Jennifer.  She is living her dream of moving to France to teach and raise her children.  I can’t say Leon and I didn’t at least talk about what it would be like to live abroad permanently, instead of just doing a teaching exchange.

Bonne chance, Jennifer!  I hope your reality exceeds your dreams.  And by the way, Jennifer is a very entrepreneurial person.  She is setting up an online language school.  Worth a visit if you are trying to learn or improve your French.  Right Leon?

Living in Languedoc

I was recently invited to write a guest post on a fellow blogger’s website, and as I was answering her questions I realized that I’d never shared much of this information on my own blog.  I’ve decided to post it here, exactly as it will appear on her blog, and I’ll share the link once she publishes it.

Question #1:  A little about yourself, where you are living now, what you do now, children etc..

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer, and I’m a mother of three and wife of one.  I’m originally from Louisiana, way down south in Cajun Country.  My whole family still lives there.  My parents have told me on numerous occasions that they don’t know how I turned out the way I did because I’m so different than my brother and sister.  So far I’m the only one to have been…

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