Leon called this evening from Griffith, NSW.  He said they tried to visit Sturt National Park, but it’s been raining.  He compared the driving to a snow and slush covered road in Ottawa in the winter – slimy and slow-going.  So they made a new plan.  Maybe that’s why there aren’t many people driving on the unsealed roads in the Outback at this time of year?  He also said that just as they had planned to look at the stars, the clouds rolled in.  Goodness, nothing is going as planned.  It must be because the head chef and co-pilot is not along on this trip. That’s it!

Leon did say they saw lots of wildlife, including goats and a black pig.  Of course, there were lots of kangaroos and emus.  I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures on the weekend.  The plan tomorrow is to drive half way between where they are now and Melbourne so that they are in Melbourne for Friday.  Looking at the map, they are only 5 hours north of here, 7 hours north of Melbourne.  I wonder if they realize they could just park the camper here tomorrow and sleep in their own beds?  Teehee!  Some men will stop at nothing for a home cooked meal, even if it is mostly low carb, high veg food these days.