Red back spider found in the compost bin at the back

It’s been a few days since I wrote, not for lack of adventures, but rather because I’ve been so busy.  After our Bendigo weekend in mid-August, Ariane stayed on for another 2 weeks.  We continued our good habits, eating lots of fish, exercising, going to yoga once a week at school and looking forward to some more of the activities I had planned for my daughter before she heads off to Canada.

Last weekend, we took the train to Melbourne on Saturday morning.  We spent the day of Collins street, shopping at some of the nicest shops around, anywhere.  Myers and David Jones are full of designer clothes.  We spent about 1.5 hrs in the Myers cosmetic department alone.  I didn’t spend much on myself, mostly buying a few items to fill out Ariane’s wardrobe.  She got new jeans, a cardigan, great suede look boots that only her long legs could carry off and a top.  I got 2 t-shirts and some hand creme from Lush cosmetics.  Ariane managed to pick up a few cosmetics to feed her addiction as well. Lunch was sushi and dinner was a great pasta feast at a quaint restaurant in one of Melbourne’s many laneways.  Lovely!  Our waitress was a Canadian girl, freshly arrived to start her teaching career in this lovely country.  I gave her my card and told her to look up Bendigo.

narcissus in the yard

That night, we stayed at Mike and Jocelyn’s (Canadian exchangees) in Glenroy.  They have a lovely bungalow that I am sure would suit Leon and I perfectly once we decide to settle down in one place.  Ariane and I stayed up till after 1am, talking, like 2 teenage girlfriends on a sleepover.  The next morning, after a light breakfast, we took the train back to Melbourne to see Love Never Dies at the lovely old Regent Theatre.  It’s located at the Paris end of Melbourne.  Shops like Chanel, Gucci and Prada are located there.  Of course, we had a great time just looking in the windows.  The show was absolutely fabulous!!  The theatre itself is old and gracious.  What a great afternoon!  On the way back to the train station, we happened on Tiffany’s complete with a doorman in full formal dress.  He opened the door for us, in spite of my hobo look of runners, jeans and a backpack.  We looked at all the lovely glittery things and were even served a glass of champagne!

bendigo weekend - dinner with Jocelyn, Mike, Barb, Doug and Matt

Having completed our pilgrimage to all the great places, we rushed off to meet the train home where Leon was waiting to pick us up.  Great, great weekend!!

This week at work, it’s been busy with report cards and lots and lots of classes to teach.  I did another workshop for my coworkers.  By Thursday, I was wiped out.  I took Friday off to catch my breath.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, likely due to all the things going on in my mind and no time to think with all the daily activities.  Hopefully next week will be better.  There are only 4 weeks left to the term and till we take our next trip.  Ariane leaves early tomorrow.

bendigo weekend - Canadian BBQ hamburgers, Yum!
spring blooms in the yard

Spring has arrived in Bendigo.  The trees are in bloom and it smells like apple blossoms most of the time.  The days have been sunny and warm, with cold nights.  We are looking forward to wearing our sandals and Leon has taken the jump on it, wearing shorts and sandals most of the week.

Next weekend, we are bound for the Yarra Valley for another exchangee weekend.  Spring in wine country, not a bad trip to look forward to.