Earl and Nick left yesterday morning to return to Ottawa.  Ariane stayed behind for another 3 weeks.  So it’s time for me to plan some mother-daughter activities.  With that  in mind, I have purchased some tickets to the Wedding dress exhibit here in town – a collection of gowns from 200 yrs of history.  Then I bought 2 tickets to see the show “Love never dies” in Melbourne in 2 weekends.  It’s the follow up to the Phantom of the Opera.  We will take the train down on a Saturday and spend the day shopping.  Then we will see the show on Sunday, during a matinee.  Really looking forward to that.

As well, I was hoping that our jeweler friend, Milton, would give Ariane and I a chance to make our own jewelry at his workshop.  He had mentioned we might do that later this week.

To cap it all off, I have signed up for yoga after school on Thursdays.  Ariane and Leon will be joining me for the next 3 weeks!  Stay tuned for a full report on all that.