It’s been a busy week back at work, with a full time load, new French classes and over 200 students to work with.  Think of how many names that is to learn.  Leon was invited to speak at an Artillery Mess dinner in Geelong, so I tagged along for the evening.  Geelong is a bit over 2 hours south west of here.

We arrived around 4pm, a gray drizzly day.  But we really needed to get our daily run/walk in, so we headed towards the waterfront as soon as we checked in.  Leon and I have started this new exercise program this past 2 weeks, trying to counteract the effects of time and a lot of great wine, food and good times.  Despite a sore knee, I have to admit I am really enjoying our daily walks where we add more and more running time.  Let’s see if I can actually firm up the bottom line and flatten the belly a bit…

At any rate, we took our walk and saw some of the same sights we had seen on our last trip to Geelong.  On the way to the motel, I dipped into the local mall for some window shopping as Leon returned to put some final touches on his speech.  I dropped him off dressed in his finest about 2 hours later and pick up a nice Thai stir fry with some rice from the restaurant below our motel room.  Yumm!  A glass of wine and some corny tv were my only companions for the evening, but I had no complaints.  Sometimes you just need to do nothing.  Leon returned sometime after midnight, with me fast asleep.

This morning, the sun was shining and it promised to be a great day.  We got up and walked down to the waterfront once again for our exercise.  But what a difference the sun makes!  The water was still and glistening, the streets quiet as sidewalk cafes started to slowly open for the Sunday brunch crowd.  I can’t say when I’ve felt better.  It was as if winter had disappeared.  This is the Australia I was expecting!!

After a good walk, a shower and checking out, we returned to the waterfront to find a table with a view, ordered coffee and a nice egg breakfast and sat reading the newspaper as the sun shone on the day.  Ahhhh!!!!!  The hours went too quickly and we had to get back to Bendigo.  So off we went for the ride home, complete with a stop at the grocery store for a large amount of fruit and veggies.  Tonight’s dinner is a chili salad with lemon cupcakes.

Tomorrow’s another busy day on Sesame Street…

Geelong waterfront last day of July
share a gin tonic with the school marm
sunny late winter day geelong waterfront
bollards on the waterfront
me and the bollards