I haven’t left town, I promise.  It’s just that I’ve been sooooo busy with report cards and end of semester activities.  Today I have planned a mini Canada Day party for my year 8 class since I don’t see them tomorrow.  I made a Prezi presentation, complete with Justin Beiber singing O Canada.  I have treats and prizes.

The day started off as normal with Leon making my coffee as I showered and put on my make up.  I dressed, enjoying the fact that it’s no colder than 5C and may go up to 16C again today.  So, as I was drying my hair, as I usually do each morning, my blow dryer suddenly sparked and smoked.  I yelped and dropped it.  No harm done.  Phew!  But that’s the second dryer I’ve destroyed in a year.  Am I using my dryer too much or are they making them cheaper all the time????