Saturday back at the ranch

Cloudy day.  We are doing all the normal things families do on a weekend – cooking, laundry, renting a video.  I got up very late this morning after a good sleep.  Leon is gone for 2 weeks, so it’s a good time to catch up on the mundane domestic chores.  Ariane and Nick are leaving for Mt. Isa on Monday. They are getting their laundry done, cleaning their room as they go and just relaxing.  Earl is helping with laundry and going to work out.  I’ve been cooking up some of the ingredients in the fridge before I leave for an overnight stay in Yarrawonga on Monday.  So far I’ve made potato salad, chicken noodle soup and a crockpot of beef stew. I have lots of reading to do and plenty of marking.  But it’s a slow day.  As I was walking back inside from the clothes line, I remembered to pick the pomegranates we have in the tree out back.  One was already quite split open so I tasted it.  Interesting.  It’s like corn kernels filled with sweet red liquid that you suck on and spit out.

Later on, we will reward ourselves with a movie rental – the King’s Speech.  In the meantime, Leon has made it safely to destination and is probably wondering where to begin with all the work he wants to do around the house in Langley before he returns here.  And of course, I am sure his family will want to see him too.  It will not be a restful 2 weeks for him.


pomegranate from the yard - one of a crop of two

Our very own Princess doing her own laundry and grooving to her tunes - now that's multitasking!

Leon's birthday cake - May 25

Ariane's super seafood taiwanese - Friday night's dinner, incredibly delish!!

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