We just had a very long lunch with new friends Milton and Judith, former exchangees.  They are house sitting while their house is being renovated.  The house they have is beautiful with a large kitchen/great room, beautiful covered alfresco area and a great garden.  But that belongs to friends.  After a lunch on the patio of grilled chicken, lamb and feta snags (sausages), assorted salads, a great chocolate ripple cake, tea and much wine (not for me, I was driving), they offered us a tour of their own house which is being renovated extensively.  It’s not really a renovation, more a huge addition.  I can’t begin to describe it but to say it is huge, modern/industrial and will be spectacular.  Marlene, you would die!  Carole, you would die too.  I know you’ve both done a lot to your houses in the last while.  The large patio doors are all aluminum, something you would see in a commercial space like a bistro.  Corrugated steel covers the outside and roof and garage.  Glass blocks of the butler’s pantry, you name it!  I makes me want to go back and finish Leon’s house in BC.  Not yet, mind you, but someday.  Oh well, we can dream.  Lovely afternoon that stretched into dinner time.  We are home right now getting ready for a guest to come for 2 nights.  I felt like gardening but the mozzies had other ideas.  Back to work tomorrow.  Too bad I can’t just socialize everyday.  We are really enjoying that.