So we had a nice lull in the day and thought it would be nice to go for a bike ride.  I said to Leon:  “Let’s make sure we go out before it gets really hot at 3pm.”  Of course, I got caught up in the computer, putting up a few pics and updating the blog, so we didn’t get out till at least 2pm.

Destination was one of the biking trails through Jackass Flat.  Turns out the bike trails have been a bit damaged by the recent heavy rains, so we were riding on ruts.  I wasn’t having much fun.  Eventually, we found the paved bike trail and it got a bit easier.  But I was soooo hot!  At least the sun had gone behind the clouds, so it wasn’t as hot as it could be.  But the air was warm.  And my face was very red.  Boy, I am in bad shape!!

At any rate, we biked past the White Hills cemetery, which is in the middle of the road practically.  It is interesting as it has very old graves of the original Chinese gold miners.  We walked through for a while, reading the tombstones.  We didn’t ride much further till we turned around.  After that, I could barely ride anymore, my legs were so tired and my bum was sore.  I ended up walking my bike for the last 1/2 km home, I was so hot and tired.  Still, a good effort anyway.

Quiet dinner at home tonight, movie on tv and a banana bread in the oven.  We are hosting a Canadian singer, songwriter on Monday and Tuesday as she is coming to my school to do some workshops.  I’ll be thinking of what to cook for our dinner on Monday.  Tuesday, we are going out courtesy of the school.  Nice…

PS, Leon is walking around a bit stiff from cycling too.  Now I don’t feel so bad…

jackass flat bike ride
on the home stretch - still smiling