Another eventful weekend, in Gippsland this time.  Imagine spending your first wedding anniversary with a group of 20 teachers and their families, visiting the Australian sea shore (Bass Strait), trying surfing, seeing penguins under the boardwalk and a posing wallaby and the most adorable baby koala ever!  Add a sighting of large stingrays, lots of bubbly and a bbq of snags, chicken wings and pavlova.  You’ve got yourself a weekend in Australia.  Not a bad time.  I’d say!

Home again, the muscles are sore, no I didn’t manage to stand on my surfboard, although Leon did, the Yarra valley is full of vineyards and we’ll have to stop in and really tour it (maybe next trip in April) and gee I sure am glad Donna has a spa tub so I can soak my sore muscles.  Did I mention the sore muscles?  Have a look at the pictures.  They tell the whole tale.

Eagle's Nest Leon and Gary (our host)
1st anniversary in Gippsland
Eagle's nest
cutest joey ever
not sure where to turn
look out behind you
ok I can pretend
surf boy leon
wallaby posing
catch that wave Leon
female koala
penguins under the board walk. Funny, I never saw those under the boardwalk in Wildwood!
surfing warm ups