(Christmas) Red Tape

Well it only seems appropriate that at this time of year we should have all kinds of red tape wrapping our professional and personal activities.  I am still chasing my visa.  The medical staff at a certain clinic did not see fit to advise me there was a delay in sending my results so the High Commission has not been able to proceed.  I tried to change my address online through Canada Post the other day.  All was proceeding well until they started with the security questions.  These questions are based on my credit record.  Do you think I could remember what transaction I conducted in Nov 2007?  And it was a multiple choice question at that!  I have something to say about their online assessment design having just completed my grad studies in Education Technology.  Maybe they should hire me to create these security questions.  But I digress… Well, my memory failed me, so Canada Post advised me to go directly to the post office and make my request in person.  It only took a 20 minutes wait in line.  The good news is that it saved me $7 to go in person over what the computer wanted to charge me.  Humph!!

Today, I am no closer to having my visa in hand, but my mail will be forwarded while I travel the world, waiting for Australia to let me in.  Maybe I could teach those Australians online from the comfort of my bure in Fiji.  Just a thought…

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