Papers have been filed, permissions have been obtained.  I am now awaiting more news from the people in Australia, namely whether they would like to teach my classes and whether they might like me to teach theirs.  I’ve looked up the school and it sounds very nice.  It all sounds pretty terrific, actually.  It will mean a lot of paperwork and quite a bit of money, but it sure sounds like the adventure I’ve been looking for most of my adult life.  Leon is still tickled and the kids are coming around nicely.  My son has decided it would be fine to come out there during his summer holiday and maybe even work while he is there.

A short visit with my husband is coming up this weekend.  Nothing special planned.  It’s summer weather here but just coolish and springlike there.  The pool is open for business but we may not feel like swimming in the cool weather.  I do know we want to garden if it doesn’t rain.  If not, perhaps it will be shopping for bathroom fixtures instead.  I just want to play princess and sleep in until my coffee is served in bed.  Ahhh!!!!