Alone again…

Wow, what a whirlwind week!  Leon left at 5pm.  I sadly took him to the airport.  We thought we’d have a lot more time to do all kinds of activities this week, but time always slips by when we are together.

Last night we had our tropical party with some of my former neighbours.  What a fun theme party!  The food and drink were great, the conversation flowed and we were happy to tell everyone about our wedding adventure.

Good wishes from everyone

I received some lovely flowers from my girlfriend and my sister for the occasion.  They certainly added to the decor and now I get to enjoy them all week.  Leon had also bought me some great cut flowers on Friday, our first week anniversary.

my sister tried to replicate my bouquet with her gift of flowers

Flower from Carole

One of the fun things we did yesterday was finish up the cupcakes for the party.  Leon was very helpful in helping with the decorations and well as decorating the house.  I was surprised that he would help out in that way.  Just goes to show what a great guy he is.

my handsome husband helping decorate the cupcakes

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